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Dr. SETI's guitar
SETI League Songbooks

speaker Click here for some audio clips.

What is Filk Music?
Dr. SETI On Tour!

Official SETI League songbooks:

Recordings of several of these songs are included in the interactive CD-ROM book Tune In The Universe!, as well as on Dr. SETI's CDs Sing a Song of SETI, Sing More Songs of SETI, and Demented!.
Tune In The Universe!

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Links to more of Dr. SETI's songbooks:

Copyright Disclaimer: Some of the songs appearing in SETI League songbooks incorporate themes or melodies which are the intellectual property of others. These derivative works are either adapted for purely educational purposes, or intended to constitute parody and commentary on the original sources, a free speech right. Both of these uses are protected under the Fair Use provision of US law (Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC para. 107). Unless otherwise indicated, permission to parody these songs was neither obtained nor sought from the original artists.

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