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The SETI League, Inc. is pleased to provide an online form to enable you to apply for or renew your membership, or to order membership premiums. However, our web server does not provide Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communications for submitting credit card information. Please use this form to provide the required information, and then remit your dues and contributions by phone, fax, post, or an external secure web server, as described below.

Please Note that The SETI League is a membership organization. It costs money to become a SETI League member. The form below is to be used for becoming a dues-paying member, or for ordering membership premiums (which also cost money). If you merely wish to receive a membership brochure, please do not use the online form. Instead, you may download one here.

Online Membership Application/Renewal and Premium Order Form

Please accept my application for SETI League membership, as follows:

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Membership Expirations:

Please note that all Annual Memberships are now issued for the calendar year. Memberships processed in January through April will be at full dues, and will expire at the end of the year. For those processed in May through August, please remit half the indicated dues, for expiration at the end of the year. Members joining in September through December will pay the normal dues indicated above, with their memberships expiring at the end of the following year.

Note: All memberships include an online subscription to SearchLites, our quarterly newsletter.

Your additional contributions earn valuable membership premiums!
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Please note that suggested contributions listed here are subject to change, as domestic and international postal rates vary. New prices will be posted to this website from time to time.



Conference Proceedings:


Special Offers:

Announcing: The Ultimate SETI Nerd Gift Set!

Our four hottest items, together for one low members-only price. We've bundled a pocket protector, mouse pad, Project Cyclops reprint, and the latest edition of the SETI League Technical Manual, at 20% savings! If you're a SETI League member in good standing, all this can be yours for a suggested contribution of just $30 US postpaid to US addresses, or $45 US postpaid elsewhere. Individual items pictured here.

Number of Nerd Gift Sets ordered:

"Wow!" Plaques: Own a Piece of SETI History

When the Ohio State University "Big Ear" radio telescope was demolished in January 1998, we salvaged a hundred pieces of its mesh surface. Now you can obtain a handsome plaque honoring one of the world's great radio telescopes, home to the longest running SETI project ever. All proceeds shared equally between The SETI League, Inc. and the North American Astro-Physical Observatory (NAAPO) at Ohio State University . Yours for a minimum contribution of $100 US postpaid to US addresses, or $125 US postpaid elsewhere.

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The SETI League, Inc. is a membership-supported, non-profit [501(c)(3)], educational and scientific corporation.

Payment Options:

You may remit payment now via Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or Discover, using any of these three links:

PayPalNetwork for GoodJustGive
contribute via Network for Good contribute via JustGive.Org

Or, you may choose to pay by check. Payment must be remitted in US Dollars only. All non-US checks must be drawn on a US Correspondent bank. Please mail your US Dollar check to:

The SETI League, Inc.
433 Liberty Street
Little Ferry
NJ 07643 USA

Because The SETI League depends upon the volunteer efforts of its members, it may take us up to three weeks after receipt of your payment to process this request. We thank you for your patience.

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