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Technical Manual

(4) - Receivers and Converters

  1. Using the ICOM 7000 and 8500 Series Receivers for SETI
  2. Using Micro-Tel Receivers for SETI
  3. Some ICOM 7000 SETI modifications
  4. More ICOM 7000 SETI modifications
  5. Interference Profile of an ICOM 7100 Receiver
  6. Disabling AGC in the ICOM Microwave Receivers
  7. Kit Update
  8. Hydrogen Line Radio Telescope
  9. SSB Electronic Down-Converter
  10. Complete SETI LNBF (discontinued)
  11. Seeker 2000 from Radio Astronomy Supplies (discontinued)
  12. SETI League Hydrogen Line Downconverter development photos
  13. SETI League Hydrogen Line Receiver development photos

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