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Why Should I Join?
(Top fifteen reasons for joining The SETI League, Inc.)

  1. Obtain your own personal subscription to SearchLites, our quarterly newsletter.
  2. Secure discounts on SETI League equipment and publications.
  3. Link your personal website from our Members' Pages webpage.
  4. Display the registered SETI League logo on your website and personal correspondence.
  5. Participate in the various closed SETI League email discussion lists.
  6. Access the Members Only section of our extensive website.
  7. Download Members Only freeware and shareware signal analysis software.
  8. Attend SETI League Regional and Annual membership meetings.
  9. Discounted registration to SETI League Technical Symposia.
  10. See your name and address listed in the annual Membership Roster.
  11. Enjoy personal contact with your local volunteer Regional Coordinator.
  12. Serve on a SETI League Committee, or even as a Committee Chair.
  13. Register your station as an official Project Argus participant.
  14. Receive personal technical assistance from your fellow members.
  15. Claim your fair share of the credit when The Call comes in.

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