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Array2k Project Update

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Your contribution to The SETI League's Array2k Development Fund, at the Supporter ($100 US), Sponsor ($1,000 US), Stakeholder ($10,000 US) or Superhero ($160,000 US) level, will be acknowledged here.

The SETI League, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the generous support of these Array2k donors, at the level indicated:


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  • anonymous, USA


  • American Astronomical Society, USA
  • ARRL Foundation, USA
  • David Bridgham, USA
  • David A. Hufnagel, USA
  • Jason Lumaghini, USA
  • Lionel Lumaghini, USA
  • Larry D. Miller, USA
  • Second Foundation, USA


  • H. Abbott D.O., USA
  • Alfred A. Aburto, Jr., USA
  • anonymous (2), USA
  • anonymous, England
  • anonymous, New Zealand
  • Earl Bennett, USA
  • Bill Black, K4BSN, USA
  • Helen Caracci, USA
  • Vince Caracci, USA
  • Peter H Cheasley, Canada
  • Edward R. Cole, USA
  • Judith Conrad, USA
  • Tom Crowley, USA
  • Brian Earle, USA
  • Lloyd J. Ellsworth, NE8I, USA
  • David G. Hart, Saudi Arabia
  • Ronald T. Herman, USA
  • Tom Hutter, USA
  • K2UYH, USA
  • Harry Kimball, USA
  • Dan Kinsella, USA
  • Clay Lane, USA
  • Dr. John W. Marcus, USA
  • John and Paul Meagher, USA
  • Walter E. Miller, AJ6T, USA
  • David M. Ng, USA
  • Paul B. Norman, Australia
  • Paul Norton, USA
  • Mark Pollard, USA
  • Gregory Preston, Sweden
  • John R. Rice, USA
  • Allan L. Robbins, USA
  • Joseph Rowen, USA
  • Henry Sill, USA
  • Prof. Allen Tough, Canada
  • John Troster, USA
  • Dr. Barry Wepman, USA

Additional Small Donations: 11, totaling $460; USA, Japan, Malta

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