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Array2k Project Update

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Letter of Support
from Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dear SETI Supporter,

You may already be familiar with The SETI League, leaders in privatising the search for intelligent life in space (and on whose Advisory Board I am privileged to serve).

Last year I met with SETI League executive director Dr. H. Paul Shuch, to discuss his plans for Array2k, an innovative antenna design which will advance the state of the art in radio astronomy and SETI. The design is scientifically credible - and a few orders of magnitude less costly than the space-based array I envisioned in my novel "Imperial Earth!"

Such facilities as this are very much needed to bring us closer to achieving Contact. The SETI League is now seeking friends to bring this ambitious project to fruition. I hope you will join me in helping to make this most worthy effort a reality.


Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Chancellor, International Space University
Chancellor, University of Moratuwa

21 June 2001

Dr. SETI pays homage to Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the father of satellite communications (N6TX photo)

Webmaster's Note: Sir Arthur is known as the father of satellite communications.

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