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Websites which we deem to have interesting SETI-relevant content are linked here from time to time, upon nomination by SETI League members.

Webmaster's Note: Some of the listed sites may have changed content, or URLs, or even disappeared from the Internet entirely, subsequent to their winning the SETI SuperStar award, such being the volatile nature of the medium. We respectfully respect that webmasters of winning sites keep us informed of any significant changes. Even should a site change or disappear, the citations below will remain on The SETI League website, as a valid historical record.

Webmaster's note: Our SETI SuperStar Award queue is now empty. Until such time as our members and readers nominate SETI-relevant websites, there may be no further SETI SuperStar Awards issued. Please submit your nominations via email to paul_at_setileague_dot_org.
Jul 2020: International Academy of Astronautics (new site)
Jan 2020: The Biggest Telescope Never Built
Jul 2019: Habitable Planet Reality Check
Oct 2018: Penn State SETI Course
Jul 2018: SETI/METI Articles by David Brin
Jun 2018: NASA SETI History
May 2018: Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication
Apr 2018: 'Ohumaumau
Mar 2018: Breakthrough Initiatives
Feb 2018: Berkeley SETI Research Center
Jan 2018: Canadian Centre for Experimental Radio Astronomy
Dec 2017: Van Hise Observatory
Nov 2017: Liverpool SETI Web
Oct 2017: SETI Net
Sep 2017: Private Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Aug 2017: Berkeley SETI Research Center
Jul 2017: 7 Earth-Sized Planets Around A Nearby Star
Jun 2017: Interstellar Beacon
May 2017: Astrobiology Club
Apr 2017: Europa and Enceladus Subsurface Oceans
Mar 2017: Dyson Sphere Enthusiasts
Feb 2017: Virtual Astrobiology Society
Jan 2017: Astrobiology and SETI
Dec 2016: Canadian Centre for Experimental Radio Astronomy
Nov 2016: Installation complete on world's largest radio telescope
Oct 2016: Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts
Sep 2016: Search for Life
Aug 2016: Solving one of the universe’s great mysteries
Jul 2016: Search for alien signals expands to 20,000 star systems
Jun 2016: The Morality of METI
May 2016: Subaru Telescope
Apr 2016: UCLA SETI
Mar 2016: SETI Anomaly
Feb 2016: New Advances in SETI
Jan 2016: Astrobiology Course
Dec 2015: SpaceRef China
Nov 2015: Acts of Faith
Oct 2015: Is There Life on Pluto?
Sep 2015: UK SETI Research Network
Aug 2015: We Could Find Aliens Any Day Now
Jul 2015: Interview with Sara Seager
Jun 2015: Astronomy Online
May 2015: Too Distant for Contact
Apr 2015: What Really Happens If We Find Aliens?
Mar 2015: Targeting Alien Polluters
Feb 2015: Project SETI
Jan 2015: Stepping Up the Search for ET
Dec 2014: ISEE-3: Next Steps
Nov 2014: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Gets Hearing on Hill
Oct 2014: Using Radio in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Sep 2014: An Encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Aug 2014: Astronomy Now: the Waterhole
Jul 2014: Astrobiology Web
Jun 2014: Extraterrestrial Life
May 2014: SETI Live
Apr 2014: Larry Klaes
Mar 2014: Zarya
Feb 2014: Shadow and Substance
Jan 2014: PrimaLuce Lab
Dec 2013: Space Today Online
Nov 2013: Energetic Ray Global Observatory
Oct 2013: New Horizons Message
Sep 2013: The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and Life in the Universe
Aug 2013: UK SETI Research Network
Jul 2013: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Jun 2013: The Wow! Signal: One Man's Search
May 2013: BBC Drake Equation Calculator
Apr 2013: F1EHN Radioastronomie
Mar 2013: Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy
Feb 2013: Freeman Dyson: Let's look for life in the outer solar system
Jan 2013: Pulsar Detection Projects
Dec 2012: Jill Tarter's call to join the SETI search
Nov 2012: Narusawa SETI
Oct 2012: Chronology of Space Exploration
Sep 2012: Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia
Aug 2012: United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs
Jul 2012: European Space Agency
Jun 2012: SETI Pioneers
May 2012: Citizen of the Galaxy
Apr 2012: Grote Reber, Radio Astronomer
Mar 2012: Die Rio-Skala: das Alien-o-meter des SETI Projekts
Feb 2012: Exoplanet Data Explorer
Jan 2012: Beyond Planet Earth
Dec 2011: There's Life in the Cosmos, Just Not the Will to Find It
Nov 2011: The Noisy Astronomer
Oct 2011: Building A SETI Receiver At Home
Sep 2011: Photopic Sky Survey
Aug 2011: Interactive Scale of the Universe
Jul 2011: SETI Chile
Jun 2011: The SETI Society
May 2011: Allen Telescope Array: how it works
Apr 2011: SETI search for aliens zeroes in on new planets
Mar 2011: ASSA Radio Astronomy Group
Feb 2011: Project Icarus
Jan 2011: Discovery Enterprise
Dec 2010: Simostronomy
Nov 2010: SETI League Spain
Oct 2010: Astronomy Western Australia
Sep 2010: Planetary Penetrators
Aug 2010: The WOW! Signal August 1977
Jul 2010: Aliens Talk: SETI
Jun 2010: Open SETI
May 2010: Internet Encyclopedia of Science - SETI
Apr 2010: How SETI Works
Mar 2010: Frugal Amateur Radio Astronomy
Feb 2010: Beyond the Cradle
Jan 2010: RadioSky Remote EME Station
Dec 2009: International Year of Astronomy
Nov 2009: Amateur Radio History, Technology, and Commentary
Oct 2009: Received Power and Path Loss Calculator
Sep 2009: Earth Speaks
Aug 2009: Faces from Earth
Jul 2009: Calling ET
Jun 2009: Microwaves 101
May 2009: Tau Zero Foundation
Apr 2009: Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium
Mar 2009: Sky and Telescope SETI article
Feb 2009: NASA SETI History page
Jan 2009: Peregrinus Interstellar
Dec 2008: Long Bets
Nov 2008: Interstellar Messaging Central
Oct 2008: Antennas and Microwaves
Sep 2008: Kuwait Science Club
Aug 2008: National Maritime Museum, UK
Jul 2008: Dr. SETI On Tour!
Jun 2008: Laura Dos Reis' SETI Station
May 2008: Living Universe SETI page
Apr 2008: SignalONE Project Page
Mar 2008: Bournemouth Optical SETI Observatory
Feb 2008: Melbourne's Astronomy Central
Jan 2008: Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
Dec 2007: Curious About Astronomy?
Nov 2007: DD1US
Oct 2007: Dr. SETI's Professional Pages
Sep 2007: Stony Creek Observatory
Aug 2007: Littlebear Observatory
Jul 2007: Luxorion
Jun 2007: KL7UW Tech Topics
May 2007: Space Hike
Apr 2007: SETI, the Fermi Paradox, and the Singularity
Mar 2007: Kosmoi
Feb 2007: Rick Radio Astronomy
Jan 2007: Amateur SETI Radio Telescope
Dec 2006: SETI Italia Team G. Cocconi
Nov 2006: SETI Research
Oct 2006: Extraterrestrial Contact Act
Sep 2006: 3peaks Amateur Radio Telescope
Aug 2006: Astrobiology at NASA
Jul 2006: Deep Space Receptions from Portugal
Jun 2006: Planet Ace: SETI
May 2006: Radio Sky Publishing
Apr 2006: Universal Software Radio Peripheral
Mar 2006: How To Find An Alien
Feb 2006: Amateur Radio Astronomy
Jan 2006: UHF Satcom
Dec 2005: Astrobiology Australasia
Nov 2005: Astrobiology: The Living Universe
Oct 2005: SETI Universe
Sep 2005: Gravitywell
Aug 2005: National Institute for Discovery Science
Jul 2005: Sternberg Astronomical Institute
Jun 2005: North American Astrophysical Observatory
May 2005: SETI pages
Apr 2005: Amateur SETI, Looking for Company
Mar 2005: IAA SETI Permanent Study Group
Feb 2005: Big Ear Memorial Website
Jan 2005:
Dec 2004: Active SETI
Nov 2004: WA5RAY's Argus Station
Oct 2004: La Busqueda Inteligente
Sep 2004: Uli's SETI Pages
Aug 2004: Slovenske SETI Strani
Jul 2004: Area 31 Research Facility
Jun 2004: Amatorska Radioastronomia
May 2004: SETI Net
Apr 2004: Cosmic Ancestry
Mar 2004: Virtual SETI Observer
Feb 2004: Astrobiology Magazine
Jan 2004: Marcus Leech's Radio Astronomy Page
Dec 2003: SETI Hispano
Nov 2003: Lonely Planets
Oct 2003: The SEDS SETI Page
Sep 2003: Ed's Radio-SETI Observatory
Aug 2003: IZ1BPN
Jul 2003: Intersteallar Probes
Jun 2003: SETI Italia
May 2003: Astrobiology Central
Apr 2003: Interstellar Radio Messages
Mar 2003: K9WK Radio Telescope Construction
Feb 2003: SETI in Venezuela
Jan 2003: VE3EYR's Home Page
Dec 2002: Toucan - A Biologist's Contibution to SETI
Nov 2002: The Horowitz Group (Harvard SETI)
Oct 2002: SETILink
Sep 2002: SETI Canada
Aug 2002: Jodrell Bank SETI page
Jul 2002: Bradley Keyes' SETI page
Jun 2002: SETI Australia Centre
May 2002: SETI League Portugal
Apr 2002: European Radio Astronomy Club
Mar 2002: The Telson Spur
Feb 2002: Planetary Society SETI
Jan 2002: The TVA and SETI
Dec 2001: SETI League Republic of Ireland
Nov 2001: A Targeted Search for ET
Oct 2001: Knights of the Blue Planet
Sep 2001: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Aug 2001: Jordanian Astronomical Society
Jul 2001: Papua New Guniea's First SETI Station
Jun 2001: Innovative Technologies from Science Fiction
May 2001: The Encyclopedia of Suns
Apr 2001: Atlas of the Universe
Mar 2001: SETI@bubble
Feb 2001: Amateur SETI: Project BAMBI
Jan 2001: DARWIN Infrared Space Interferometer Project
Dec 2000: SETI League Wales
Nov 2000: La Recherche d'une Intelligence ExtraTerrestre
Oct 2000: Amateur Radio Station OH2AUE
Sep 2000: KG2PM SETI Radio Telescope
Aug 2000: SETI League France
Jul 2000: Astrobiology at the University of Kentucky
Jun 2000: EME, SETI, Radio Astronomy and Radio Amateurs
May 2000: SETI Research and Community Development Institute
Apr 2000: SETI Czech
Mar 2000: The Mabuhay! SETI System
Feb 2000: Invitation to ETI
Jan 2000: SETI Institute
Dec 1999: The Tvind SETI Observatory
Nov 1999: Radio Astronomy at the University of Indianapolis
Oct 1999: Amateur SETI Home Page
Sep 1999: Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence Network
Aug 1999: Jenny Bailey's SETI Receiving Equipment
Jul 1999: ET Presence
Jun 1999: Columbus Optical SETI Observatory
May 1999: SETI Endeavour

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