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SETI SuperStar Award
Rules and Regulations

  1. The SETI League, Inc. is pleased to announce the establishment of a periodic award honoring excellence in SETI website design. The award shall be known as the SETI SuperStar Award.

  2. Noncommercial websites devoted to the scientific Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) will be eligible for consideration for this award.

  3. SETI League members in good standing are eligible to nominate worthy websites for consideration for this award. Webmasters are invited to self-nominate their sites, whether or not they are SETI League members. All nominations should be made by filling out the Nominating Petition provided. Be sure to include the complete URL of the site to be evaluated.

  4. Sites so nominated will be evaluated by our Awards Committee for information content, scientific accuracy, positive portrayal of SETI subjects, service to the SETI community, ease of navigation, and overall presentation.

  5. Nominees need not be members of The SETI League, Inc. Membership status will not be a criterion in selection for this Award (although SETI League membership is of course encouraged).

  6. The Awards Committee may select not more than one website per month for receipt of the SETI SuperStar Award.

  7. The SETI SuperStar Award carries with it no cash honorarium or any other consideration. Appropriate recognition is the sole prize.

  8. Recipients of the SETI SuperStar Award will be notified by email of their selection.

  9. Recipients of the SETI SuperStar Award will be listed on, and their websites linked from, the website of The SETI League, Inc.

  10. Recipients of the SETI SuperStar Award are encouraged to download the graphic depicted below to their local servers, and to display it prominently on their winning websites:

    SETI SuperStar Award

  11. The above graphic incorporates The SETI League logo, which is a registered service mark of The SETI League, Inc., and may be displayed only by permission of The SETI League, Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Recipients of the SETI SuperStar Award agree to use the following HTML code when displaying the above graphic:

    <a href="">
    <img border=0 src="setistar.gif"
    alt="SETI SuperStar Award"
    title="SETI SuperStar Award"
    width=220 height=85></a>

  13. The SETI League, Inc. shall not be responsible for a website's content, location, or URL, or any changes thereto, after that site has been selected to receive the SETI SuperStar Award. This Award does not constitute approval or endorsement by The SETI League, Inc. of any content that might subsequently appear on such winning websites.

  14. This award may be terminated at any time without notice, by action of the Trustees of The SETI League, Inc.

  15. All decisions of the Board of Trustees of The SETI League, Inc., with respect to interpretation of the rules presented herein or subsequently amended, shall be final.

  16. These Rules and Regulations shall have the force and effect of Bylaws of The SETI League, Inc. They may be amended as necessary from time to time by the Board of Trustees. Amendments or revisions shall become effective as of 0001 UTC on the day following the date of their posting to the World Wide Web site of The SETI League, Inc.

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