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The Galaxy's Wide
lyrics 2009 by Dr. H. Paul Shuch
sung to the tune of "The Water is Wide" (traditional)

The galaxy's wide, I can not cross it.
This far my rockets will not fly.
But humble photons carry through.
Shall we converse, ET and I?

The science that we know is SETI
Considers just how vast is space.
Among the stars we are bound to meet
At least one other sentient race.

Technology to go the distance
Is known to man for a hundred years.
But to apply it with persistence,
First we must overcome our fears.

We've now observed planets abundant
And some by liquid water graced.
On worlds like ours, is life redundant?
Is our kind scarce, or commonplace?

Biology appears divergent,
If on our world, then on theirs as well.
If curiosity's convergent,
We'll find each other. Time will tell.

Deep space is too wide to traverse.
How very slowly rockets fly.
And yet we share the universe
Photonically, ET and I.

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