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ET, Speak Up
lyrics Copyright © 1998 by H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D.
Sung to the tune of Nessie, Come Up by Dr. Jane Robinson (used by permission)
as heard on the album "Dr. Jane's Remains" (Dandelion Digital)

The scientist at her computer considers the Fourier transform:
The same nulls and peaks she's looked at for weeks, and nothing exceeding the norm.
If only an alien signal would fall on her giant array,
The thunder would crash, lights ring and bells flash. But that isn't happening today.


ET, speak up, we're listening, we've waited for far too long.
Send us a sign on the hydrogen line, to show that the skeptics are wrong.
Spectrally pure, so we can be sure it's intelligence singing her song.
Oh ET, we've waited so, (waited so, waited so), ET we've waited so long.

SETI was funded through NASA at twelve million dollars a year.
A bargain, you know. We spend that much dough each Superbowl Sunday, on beer.
But that didn't satisfy Congress. They'd rather the money be spent
Reducing the sum of the deficit fund by point oh oh oh six percent.


Now we must privatize SETI. We're starting to muster the troops,
Recruit Star Trek fans, and radio hams, and set up some non-profit groups.
Our common objective is global: an organized survey of space
To ferret out clues which science can use as proof of an alien race.


The amateur at his computer is finally getting his wish.
He's starting to see a hint of ET received through his satellite dish.
He'd love to have twelve million dollars, but works with what he can afford.
His hits verified by peers far and wide, their findings cannot be ignored.


Performed by Dr. SETI ® on the CD "Sing a Song of SETI" Sing a Song of SETI CD

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