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Cosmic Carl
lyrics Copyright © 1995 - 1996 by H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D.
(Award Winner at Philcon '97 Songwriting Competition)
Sung to the tune of Old Rosin the Beau, by J. G. Osbourn (1838)

Note: Originally written as a tribute to mark Dr. Sagan's 60th birthday, these lyrics were revised to honor his memory on 20 December 1996.

Who is the colleague we won't forget,
Someone the populace knows?
It's Cosmic Carl on the TV set,
Billions and billions of shows.


Hail Cosmic Carl, let us raise a glass,
Billions and billions of cheers.
His is a message that's bound to last
Billions and billions of years.

Who was the author of great repute,
Up to whom everyone looks?
Cosmic Carl's written, without dispute,
Billions and billions of books.


Who knew genetics and told us so,
Mammals and fishes and birds?
Hear Cosmic Carl on the radio,
Billions and billions of words.


In these austere and uncertain days
Funding takes far more than luck.
Who else except Cosmic Carl could raise
Billions and billions of bucks?


Two hit recordings for Voyager
Launched for the planets past Mars.
Cosmic Carl's own golden records are
Now heading out to the stars.


Performed by Dr. SETI ® on the CD "Sing a Song of SETI" Sing a Song of SETI CD

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