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25 - 27 April 2003, Trenton NJ

Abstracts to the following papers appearing in Proceedings of SETICon03 may be downloaded by clicking on their titles.

Note: These abstracts are provided in Portable Document Format. PDF documents are large files. Downloading them may require considerable time and consume significant bandwidth.

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Bangs and MatloffHolographic Interstellar-Probe Message Plaques
BernardSearching for Methanol Exhaust Emissions
CebokliRandom Phase Antenna Combining for SETI
ColeProject Argus Station Status Survey
ColeMicrowave Construction Methods
Cornet and StrideSolar System SETI Using Radio Telescope Arrays
DarlingAstrobiology and SETI: a Promising New Partnership
ElleryA Critique of SETI Science
KimballFundamental Concepts of Digital Signal Processing
KitchensInitial Test of an Argus SETI Station
LodderSimulations, Small Sample Correlations and Probability
LougheedEME from Halfway Around the Earth
Lowell and LodderA Parallel Processing Algorithm for Signal Detection
MontebugnoliA Low-Cost Spectrum Analyzer for SETI Amateurs
MonteiroA Design for a Portable SETI Antenna using a Reflector-Lens
SarkerSignatures of Life on Saturn's Giant Moon Titan?
ShuchSETI Horn of Plenty: an Argus Antenna Alternative
ShuchReviewing the Review Process
SiderisA Comparison of Two Theories... on... Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations
ToughThe Next Steps Toward SETI Success
WellsSETI in the Twenty-First Century
WhiteExtraterrestrial DX Circa 1924
WilkinsonAccurate Astrophysical Correlations Link the Mathematical...
ZeitlinAre Pulsars Evidence of Astro-Engineered Signaling Systems?

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