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Science Song Wins Award
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PHILADELPHIA, PA.., November 23, 1996 -- For the second year in a row, the non-profit, membership supported SETI League, Inc., has received an award for a science folk song. Tonight at Philcon, the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society's convention, The Rock That's From The Fourth Rock From The Sun was awarded a first place trophy in the annual science songwriting competition. The lyrics, written by SETI League executive director Dr. H. Paul Shuch the day NASA announced the likely discovery of fossilized microbial life from Mars, seek to both popularize and promote the scientific search for extra-terrestrial life. The song's melody was contributed by prominent folk-singer Leslie Fish, whom Shuch first met as a civil-rights activist more than three decades ago.

Last year the science group published Sing a Song of SETI, a collection of songs about radio astronomy and the search for life in space, sung to various popular and traditional melodies. The collection includes the SETI League Anthem, which last year received a second place award at the same convention. "We seem to be moving in the right direction," notes Shuch, a radioastronomer and engineering professor. "I only hope we can be as successful at science as we apparently are at music."

Sing a Song of SETI is available for a tax-deductible $10 contribution to The SETI League, Inc., PO Box 555, Little Ferry NJ 07643. Songbook proceeds go toward conducting the SETI League's Project Argus search, an all-sky survey which will ultimately involve 5,000 amateur radiotelescopes deployed worldwide.

SETI scientists seek to determine through microwave and optical measurements whether humankind is alone in the universe. Since Congress terminated NASA's SETI funding in 1993, The SETI League and other scientific groups have been attempting to privatize the research. Experimenters interested in participating in the search for intelligent alien life, or citizens wishing to help support it, should email to join_at_setileague_dot_org, check the SETI League Web site at, send a fax to +1 (201) 641-1771, or contact The SETI League, Inc. membership hotline at +1 (800) TAU-SETI. Be sure to provide us with a postal address to which we will mail further information. The SETI League, Inc. is a membership-supported, non-profit [501(c)(3)], educational and scientific corporation dedicated to the electromagnetic Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

P.S. Tearsheets are always appreciated. Thank you.

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