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BioAstronomy '96 Conference
Capri Italy, July 1996

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SETI pioneers Frank Drake and Philip Morrison reminisce about the early days. Morrison co-authored the first modern SETI article in 1959. Unbeknownst to Morrison, as he was submiting his manuscript, Drake was preparing to conduct the very experiment he was proposing, listening to nearby Sun-like stars at the neutral Hydrogen line. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Planet hunter Michel Mayor (c) and his wife Francois join SETI League director H. Paul Shuch in a rousing chorus of the Pegasus 51 song. Dr. Mayor, of the Geneva Observatory, is the discoverer of 51 Pegasi b, the first planet detected around another sun-like star. At the BioAstronomy Conference, he reported on his recent discovery of several Brown Dwarf stars. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Planet hunters (left to right) Michel Mayor of Geneva Observatory, Goeff Marcy of San Francisco State University, and Paul Butler of U. C. Berkeley and San Francisco State. Their discovery of numerous extra-solar planetary systems has brought us closer to understanding the second and third factors of the Drake Equation. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Philip Morrison passes on some sage advice to The SETI League's H. Paul Shuch before the latter's Project Argus presentation. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Nobel laureate Charles Townes, widely credited with the invention of the maser and the laser, discusses the outlook for optical SETI. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Phylis and Philip Morrison, artificial intelligence guru Marvin Minsky, and H. Paul Shuch relax between sessions in the Palazzio dei Congressi. SETI League photo. thumbnail

Shootout at the GPS Corral. Science illustrator and educator Phylis Morrison debates the exact location of Pompei with Harvard University grad student and Project BETA co-designer Darren Leigh. It's ironic that the same technology which facilitates global pinpoint navigation wreaks havoc on our SETI receivers (see associated editorial). SETI League photo. thumbnail

This statue of Giordano Bruno, the monk burned at the stake in 1600 for postulating the existence of extra-solar planets, stands in Rome's Campo dei Fiori, the site of his martyrdom. Phylis Morrison photo. thumbnail

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