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SETI Products from Olde Antenna Lab

The Olde Antenna Lab of Denver is making RF and Antenna products available to the SETI Membership. We realize that not everyone will be able to put a 60 foot dish on their property. However, many of us, doing what we can with modest arrays, filtering and signal processing, can still be a part of this great endeavor.

Announcing the SETI LNBF

Just add your own dish, computer, and two meter SSB ham receiver, and you'll have everything you need to get on the air!

The Olde Antenna Lab of Denver offers a SETI LNBF (integrated low noise preamplifier, block downconverter, and feed) consisting of a left-hand circular polarized Helix feed, a GaAs FET preamp (< 0.8 dB NF & 15dB gain), and a receive converter (1420 to 144 MHz) inside a waterproof, PVC radome that includes a provision for tripod mounting. Radome rear connections include type BNC(female) output connector and RCA jack for the application of 12 VDC.

See Data Sheet

The Helix Antenna offers more gain per element than any end fire array yet devised; six turns (or elements) will yield a gain of +10 dBi; 10 turns, +15 dBi; and 15 turns, +18 dBi according to Dr. John Kraus and borne out by my research.

Helix - 1420 - 1660 MHz

6 element10 element15 element
Pair$280 $330$380


The Parabolic Dish Antenna becoming available in abundant quantities, generally for the asking, is going to require other than the C-band feed. Many will build their own feeds for these dishes but then a goodly number of the membership may not have the availability of proper tools and test equipment. About 106 degrees of beamwidth are required (both E and H plane) to illuminate the average run of the mill dish. Circular polarization has more advantages than detractions in a SETI application such as being able to see both vertical and horizontal polarizations with only a -3 dB definite to each. Our three turn Helix feed is offered as Right Hand Circular (RHC), Left Hand Circular (LHC) and Circular Linear. These feeds are encased in a PVC Radome enclosure w/Reflector tapped, (3) 8-32 holes for affixing to tripod mounting struts for positioning the feed.

Parabolic Dish Feeds - 1420 MHz

RHC/LHC $59.95
Circular Linear $74.95

The Loop Yagi makes an attractive and functionally interesting array. A single Looper has an E-plane gain of 20 dBi. Sixteen of these 45 element devices stacked and alternated V and H polarization will yield a linear gain of approximately 30 dBi.

Loop Yagi - 1420 MHz

45 Element $134.00
Stacking Frame - 8X/16X call for quote

Whatever array you decide to construct/erect, we have Power Dividers available for this band.

Power Dividers - 1420 MHz

2-way $53.95
3-way $55.95
4-way $59.95

Custom products are our speciality, don't be afraid to dream!

Olde Antenna Lab of Denver
41541 Dublin Dr.
Parker CO 80138
Phone (303) 841-1354
email W6OAL @

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