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Amateur SETI Station Annotated Block Diagram
(The SETI League Mini-Manual)

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While no two amateur SETI stations are exactly alike, the block diagram below (adapted from one developed by SETI League software committee co-chairman Dan Fox, KF9ET) is typical of many of our members' systems. Click on any part of the image for further details about that particular component.

Antenna Mount Parabolic Antenna Parabolic Antenna Antenna Feed Low Noise Amplifier Line Amplifier (optional) Line Amplifier (optional) RF Cable Bias Tee (optional) DC Power Supply Microwave Receiver Audio Cable Control Cable Control Cable Station Computer Station Computer Digital Signal Processing system block diagram

If you are unable to navigate the graphical map above, please use the links below for further information about the various parts of a SETI station.

| dish | mount | feed | LNA | line amp | RF cable | bias tee |
| power supply | receiver | audio | DSP | control | computer |

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