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Extra-Terrestrial Century Club
Rules and Regulations

Click on thumbnail to see Certificate To promote excellence in the growing fields of radio astronomy and SETI, The SETI League, Inc. announces the Extra-Terrestrial Century Club (ETCC) award program. This program, patterned after the DX Century Club (DXCC) and VHF/UHF Century Club (VUCC) awards of the American Radio Relay League, rewards confirmed reception of a significant number of distinct extra-terrestrial radio emissions: manmade, natural, and even (dare we hope?) alien!

SETI enthusiasts documenting radio reception from beyond Earth of a suitable number of artificial satellites, manned or unmanned space probes, natural astrophysical phenomena, Earth transmissions bounced off the moon or another planet, or confirmed electromagnetic evidence of another civilization in space, are eligible to apply for ETCC Awards from The SETI League, Inc. The program is open to SETI League members and non-members alike, although interested parties are encouraged to join the nonprofit SETI League, Inc.

The initial ETCC Award is issued for the properly documented detection of five unique extra-terrestrial radio sources, as defined below. Endorsements are issued for the documented detection of a total of ten, fifteen, twenty five, fifty, and one hundred such unique sources.

Detection of extra-terrestrial radio sources in the categories of Natural, Human, Moonbounce, and Alien, in any combination thereof, as defined in the Rules and Regulations for the SETI League Extra-Terrestrial QSL program, will be accepted as qualifying for ETCC initial certificates and endorsements.

For the purpose of this award, successful ET radio detections will be evidenced primarily by the submission of valid QSL (confirmation of reception) Cards. These may include Extra-Terrestrial QSL Cards issued by The SETI League, Inc., or QSL cards issued by licensed radio amateurs, documenting reception of (or two-way radio contact involving) such extra-terrestrial communications modes as moonbounce, meteor scatter, auroral propagation, and amateur radio satellites. Either the physical cards required for each award or endorsement, in such quantity as may be required (that is, all five, ten, fifteen, twenty five, fifty, or one hundred cards, as applicable), or legible photocopies thereof, must be physically submitted to The SETI League, Inc., along with the name and full postal address of the applicant. All cards will be returned to the applicant, provided that the administrative fee specified below accompanies the submission. As an alternative to submitting QSL cards, screen shots of claimed detections, along with reception details (source identification, date, time, frequency, and equipment used), may be considered as proof of reception.

Duplicate Observations:
Detections from different, uniquely identifiable passive reflectors (i.e, a given moon, planet, specific asteroid, comet, or meteor shower) each qualify as a separate detection for the purposes of this award. Only one detection may be claimed for each source observed, except that repeat observations in different ham radio bands or radio astronomy bands will count as unique detections.

In the case of detections involving multiple examples of the same family of artificial source (e.g., multiple GPS satellites all received on the same frequency), each specific source must be positively and uniquely identified in order to count as a separate detection for the purposes of this award.

Mail all ETCC materials to:

Operating Awards
The SETI League, Inc.
PO Box 555
Little Ferry NJ 07643 USA

The SETI League, Inc. will levy an administrative fee of $10 US for US applicants, and $15 US for non-US applicants, for each ETCC initial certificate and each ETCC endorsement awarded. Such fee is intended to cover the costs of administering this award and of returning all submitted QSL Cards. The administrative fee is payable in US dollar check (drawn on a US bank or US Correspondent bank), postal money order, or via PayPal payment directed to paypal_at_setileague_dot_org, and must be remitted at the time QSL Cards or other evidence are submitted. Participants are welcome to make additional voluntary contributions to the nonprofit SETI League, Inc., which may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

ETCC Honor Roll:
ETCC applicants agree to be listed on the ETCC Honor Roll page of The SETI League website.

ETCC award recipients are encouraged to download the appropriate graphic depicted below to their local servers, and to display it prominently on their personal websites, using the corresponding HTML code:

GraphicHTML Code
Initial Certificate <a href="">
<img border=0 src="etcc5.gif"
alt="ETCC Honor Roll"
width=160 height=58 border=0></a>
10-Source Endorsement <a href="">
<img border=0 src="etcc10.gif"
alt="ETCC Honor Roll"
width=160 height=58 border=0></a>
15-Source Endorsement <a href="">
<img border=0 src="etcc15.gif"
alt="ETCC Honor Roll"
width=160 height=58 border=0></a>
25-Source Endorsement <a href="">
<img border=0 src="etcc25.gif"
alt="ETCC Honor Roll"
width=160 height=58 border=0></a>
50-Source Endorsement <a href="">
<img border=0 src="etcc50.gif"
alt="ETCC Honor Roll"
width=160 height=58 border=0></a>
100-Source Endorsement <a href="">
<img border=0 src="etcc100.gif"
alt="ETCC Honor Roll"
width=160 height=58 border=0></a>

The above graphics incorporate elements of The SETI League logo, which is a registered service mark of The SETI League, Inc., and may be displayed only by permission of The SETI League, Inc. All rights reserved.

False Claims:
Any submitted detection claims which The SETI League, Inc., in its sole discretion, deems to be deliberately false, misleading, or in any way altered, will be disqualified from consideration, and the submitter excluded from participation in SETI League programs. Hoaxes will not be tolerated.

Interpretation of Rules:
All decisions of the Board of Trustees of The SETI League, Inc., with respect to interpretation of the rules presented herein or subsequently amended, shall be final.

Response Time:
Because this program is administered solely by volunteers, participants should expect a time lag of several weeks for the processing of ETCC awards. The SETI League thanks program participants for your patience and understanding.

These Policies shall have the force and effect of Bylaws of The SETI League, Inc. They may be amended as necessary from time to time by the Board of Trustees. Amendments or revisions shall become effective as of 0001 UTC on the day following the date of their posting to the World Wide Web site of The SETI League, Inc.

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