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The SETI League's Strategic Planning Committee Chair
and Volunteer Coordinator for Central Canada


SETI League volunteer Prof. Allen Tough focuses on three interrelated interests:

The very long-term future of human civilization

In addition to writing and conferences, he serves on the Foundation For the Future's Humanity 3000 Organizing Committee and the Millennium Project's Planning Committee.

The scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence

He is the founder and coordinator of the "Invitation to ETI" on the World Wide Web. He presents papers at most SETI conferences and at the annual Contact conference, and serves on several international committees. His paper on the array of search strategies is at

Humanity's search for meaning and purpose on the individual and societal level

Allen weaves this theme into much of his writing within his other two interests.


Personal life

Allen and his wife live in a Toronto suburb, where he is active as the coordinator of Neighbourhood Watch and its annual picnic. Allen particularly enjoys reading, walking, music, wilderness, hiking, skating, conversations, the World Wide Web, and his two grown children.


How to contact Allen Tough

Email: tough77 @
Telephone 1 416 444 3135
Fax 1 416 444 5538

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