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Robert J. Fear has served on The SETI League's software committe, as a Regional Coordinator (of two different regions!), and now heads our Internet Committee. R.J. was born in Marion Indiana in 1959. His mother (now living in Maryland) spent many years working in data processing and his father (now deceased) began a life long career with AT&T at the age of 20.

After taking all the math and science he could get his hands on, R.J. began attending technical school concurrently in his junior year of high school. At the same time began working as a systems engineer and a musician.

Upon graduation from high school and technical school (the equivalent of an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering) R.J. interrupted his love of Electrical Engineering to take a position as a professional musician (union card included). Life as a musician lasted for 2 years and ended with the realization that artists truly do starve. It wasn't long before he traded his trombone and flute for a soldering iron and DVM and returned to the engineering world.

R.J.'s trek through the late 70s, 80s and 90s includes:

R.J. is a member of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers, is an active participant in The SETI League's Project Argus, and is lead author of the RAOOS (Radio Astronomy Observatory Operating System) program suite. He maintains and operates a multipurpose Radio Telescope at 1.4, 10, 23, and 33GHz.

R.J.'s current goals are to obtain a software and/or hardware engineering position at a large Radio Astronomy facility and to do big science. With sights set on the MMA Project of the NRAO, R.J. begins down the long road of career change.

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