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Richard Factor In October of 1993, the U.S. Congress terminated all funding for two scientific endeavors: the multi-billion dollar Superconducting Supercollider, and the somewhat more modestly funded NASA SETI program. New Jersey entrepreneur Richard C. Factor was dismayed, as were many other individuals. Richard, however, decided to do something. He reasoned that he lacked the resources to save the Supercollider, but perhaps he was in a position to help resurrect SETI.

A longtime amateur radio operator (WA2IKL), Richard felt the world's radio amateurs might be just the resource needed to keep SETI research going. He founded the SETI League as a non-profit, membership-supported, educational and scientific organization, and now serves in a volunteer capacity as the League's first president. He also has a seat on the corporation's Board of Trustees.

QSL card Richard, who is past sixty years of age, has an expansive vocabulary, has read just about every science fiction book ever published, owns a Cessna 172 which he hardly ever finds time to fly, and has an acknowledged addiction to chocolate. Professionally, he heads Eventide Inc., manufacturers of advanced electronic equipment for the broadcast, recording and aviation industries. When not running his business or privatizing SETI, Richard is busy maintaining his position near the top of the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll, and turning a Toyota Prius into a UPS for his house.

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