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Mohammed A. Murad (seen at right, delivering a SETI lecture to the Jordanian Astronomical Society) was born in 1983 in Boston, USA, holding both American and Jordanian citizenship. He lives in Amman (The Capital of Jordan), studies at the Jordanian University for Science & Technology (JUST), and speaks both English and a little bit Spanish (which he studies at Cervantes Institute, the Royal Spanish Institute), in addition to his native Arabic language. click for full-size image

Since he was ten, Space and Science Fiction have been his favorite hobbies. He always enjoys reading books about space and UFOs. "I still remember the small shuttle I had from NASA's center in Houston" he said. Step by step, space became a part of his personality. In 1997, he heard about the Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS) . Then he went to some observations with the members of JAS, and liked their job. So, in 1998 he became one of them. In JAS he worked in many fields of the space sciences. The first major thing was his membership in the Islamic Crescents' Observation Project (ICOP).

Next, Mohammed became Secretary of the Occultation Observing Committee, a very nice field of space observations, especially Eclipses. As a member of the Committee's delegation, he had participated in the First Arabic Astro-Meeting in Syria to observe the Total Solar Eclipse in 11th August, 1999. There were delegations from Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Jordan and Kuwait. The days he spent in Syria were among the best of his life. "I can't describe the Eclipse because it's above all descriptions; it gives you all the feelings at the same moment" he comments. After that he participated in the International Leonids conference in Jordan to observe the 1999 Leonids Meteor Shower, with 15 delegations from different countries.

After these two experiences, Mohammed had a problem. In all the activities in his life, he wants to be unique, to have something special. So he returned to his early hobby.... Science fiction! In his search on science fiction & UFO matters, he encountered SETI -- the real scientific search. While he was navigating on the SETI ocean of knowledge, he moored on the SETI League's island. In late 1999 he became a member of the SETI League, and so the Regional Coordinator for Jordan. He's also became the Head of the SETI Committee at JAS.

Now he's working to make his dreams come true. Dreams like building a Project Argus Station, studying Aerospace Engineering, and working at NASA or such organizations.

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