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Marko Cebokli was born 1959 in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. His father's hobbies were construction of tube-based short-wave receivers and telescope mirror grinding, so he was exposed to RF and astronomy at an early age. Marko started using a soldering iron himselfyself during his high-school years, mainly with audio projects, building amps and speakers and light-shows for the school disco.

While studying at the electrotechnical school, Marko passed his ham radio exam. His ham activity was very low for some years, because he had a very nice job developing electronic warfare equipment (mostly ESM and ELINT) for the Yugoslav air force. When Yugoslavia crumbled, this job went down the sink, of course. Later Marko got a more administrative type job, without much in the way of network and spectrum analyzers around. Radio withdrawal syndrome soon set in. In 1994 he became more active as a ham, with emphasis on 10GHz EME. That's probably because he enjoys developing and building hardware more than actualy operating it.

Some products of his weird mind are described at

Although he did some scuba diving in his student years, photography has crystalyzed as Marko's second hobby. Because of the many moonlight jobs he does recently (mostly microcontroller programming), it has probably been more than two years since he has done any serious picture taking. The money Marko makes moonlighting predominately ends at the ham flea-markets in Friedrichafen and Weinheim/Mannheim.

Marko read SETI articles in Scientific American and Sky and Telescope now and then, but did not considered getting involved seriously until very recently. He says he has to do a lot of learning about SETI now. His main interest is equipment development and design, despite the fact that he probably won't be able to put up his own ARGUS station.

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