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Heather (photo by Janet Kagan) Heather Wood, a recent US citizen originally from Britain, is living proof of the existence of intelligent aliens. She came on board at the very beginning as the volunteer administrative assistant to our Executive Director, a post she held for two years before being appointed Secretary. A few years later, she took on additional responsibility as Keeper of the Budget. If you have ever received a copy of SearchLites, The SETI League's quarterly newsletter, it is because it was folded, stapled, and mutilated personally by Heather. If your newsletter didn't arrive, you have only Heather and the Postal Service to blame.

Like most of her fellow Mensans, Heather hasn't quite figured what she wants to be when she grows up. She burst upon the folk music scene quite successfully in the 'Sixties, as one third of the vocal group Young Tradition (their collected works are only now being re-issued on CD), but soon discovered that playing clubs at nine pounds a gig is not the best way to support oneself in royal style. There followed a succession of careers in food service, military service, writing, publishing, music recording, computers, electronics manufacturing, and banking. Which makes her eminently qualified for the multi-disciplinary aspects of SETI.

Being by nature anentropic, Heather brings to The SETI League offices a wonderful sense of order. Any piece of documentation which you might have received in a timely and efficient manner came from Heather's desk. All lost forms, and inaccuracies contained herein, are the Executive Director's doing.

You can read all about Heather's checkered past on her personal website.

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