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thumbnail Name: Hamdi Mani
City: El Kantaoui, Tunisia

Interests: I am a University student extremely interested in Radio Astronomy, SETI, cosmology, mathematics, electronics and computer science.

SETI Activities: I am building my first amateur radio telescope; it will be used to do radio astronomy and SETI, and I hope to be part of the Argus Project. I am a member in SARA, the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers. I will fill out the Project Argus Participant Survey form as soon as I finish building the first version of my Argus station.

I am subscribing to the ARGUS technical email list because I believe it can be a very interesting source of ideas and help for me.

Future Plans: convincing the government of my country to start building a professional research facility that will be used for radio astronomy and SETI. I am also looking to make my country participate in international projects like the Square Kilometer Array radio telescope and other research projects.

I am looking to become a very active member within The SETI League. Finally, I would like to thank you again for accepting me into your organization. I am proud to be the first member from Tunisia.

Best Regards,

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