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thumbnail Michael Fletcher was born in Farnham in 1962 near his hometown of Farnborough, Hampshire, England. His mother is Finnish and his father (now deceased) was from Normandy, Surrey. The family decided to move to Finland in 1970 so Michael ended up in a Finnish school with his Duffel coat and Teddy Bear at the age of 9. It didn't take him long to recover and acquire total oral and written control of this unusual language said to descend from Hungarian (the aliens from outer space), Russian, Swedish and a few other strange races from far out.

Having matriculated by the age of 17 (Michael was permitted to jump one class in school having started his education the age of five) he continued his studies at the Helsinki Technical College (nowadays the Helsinki Institute of Technology). By this time he had been a ham radio operator for several years and intidicated a strong tendency towards experimenting with microwave equipment. Michael's endeavours can be followed from his homepage.

After graduation from college Michael joined the Finnish Broadcasting Company where he was responsible for measuring instrumentation of the company radio and TV stations around the country for eight years. After an additional couple of years in Sat Comms with the FBC Michael changed over to the Anritsu Corporation.

Michael's enthusiasm for microwaves has led him to many interensting projects including participating in constructing a 10 GHz payload for the Phase III D amateur satellite. Michael has also constructed various microwave systems used for Finnish firsts in Earth Moon Earth communications (more on his homepage).

Michael's SETI work is very much driven by his interest in microwave work and he is willing to give help on RF and microwave hardware construction and alignment in his extensive 100 square meter amateur laboratory.

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