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Gordon Brignal photo Growing up in darkest Cambridgeshire, in England, Amanda Baker devoured every book of physics, astronomy and science fiction that she could lay her hands upon. Winning a place at Imperial College, London in 1987 changed her life and set her on course to a career in astrophysics, which she is now striving to pursue, armed with a PhD in infrared studies of quasars from Cambridge University. She is currently working on the chemical evolution of the Universe, with Prof Mike Edmunds at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University.

As a physics student in London, Amanda found science fiction fandom, which introduced her to SETI League Executive Director Dr H. Paul Shuch at the Glasgow World Science Fiction Convention in 1995. Long fascinated by the possibilities of life on other planets, Amanda was delighted have found a way to get involved in the search.

In the intervening years, Amanda has been an impoverished student in London and Cambridge, and impoverished post-doctoral researcher in Germany, France, and Wales, and is looking forward to being in the black and settled, ready to start working on personal Project Argus station. In the meantime, she's been adding value to her SETI League membership by working to install a radio dish antenna at Cardiff Physics Dept, by chairing the Membership Services Committee, with articles, presentations and interviews with amateur astronomers, and journalists, and as a Regional Coordinator until someone fluent in French and Welsh respectively could be found to take over.

Dr. Baker will calculate redshifts for food - preferably chocolate!

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